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The …a6 Slav, by GM James Plaskett (85 minutes):
The ...a6 Slav may be a relative newcomer to the world scene but Shirov, Anand and Sokolov have already refined it into a vicious weapon.  In this video GM James Plaskett unveils a host of fiendish but subtle ideas to derail your opponents.  A little move with a sting in the tail!

Part 1: 5.e3
Part 2: 5.g3
Part 3: 5.c5
Part 4: 5.Bg5
Part 5: 5.Qb3 Part 6: 5.a4  Part: 7 5.cxd5 Part 8: 5.Ne5

Queen’s Gambit, by IM Andrew Martin (90 minutes):
An enterprising repertoire for White against the Queen’s Gambit Declined, Slav and Tarrasch. Based on dangerous attacking schemes in the Exchange Variation. White’s clear-cut strategy makes these lines unique in their effectiveness at both GM and club level.

Part 1: 3...Nf6
Part 2: 3...Be7
Part 3: 3...c6
Part 4: 3...c5

Roman’s Lab: Mastering Chess Series DVDs
by two-time U.S. Champion Grandmaster Roman Dzhindzhikhashvili

Volume 1:       Learning Openings the Easy Way, Traps & Novelties.

                        Features the first five lessons of GM Roman Dzhindzhikhasvili's Mastering Chess Series:  Lesson 1:  Learning Openings the Easy Way: Guide to worry-free openings, based on understanding rather than a memory contest; Lesson 2: Avoiding & Creating Opening Traps -- the secrets to avoiding and creating opening traps without damaging your position; Lesson 3: Dangers & Advantages of Choosing Sharp Openings -- tactics you can’t live without in sharp modern openings; Lesson 4: Punishment for Delaying Development in the Opening -- punishment meted out for typical materialist at the expense of development; and Lesson 5: Creating Opening Novelties -- Important updates on a number of novelties introduced in previous Roman Forum tapes.

                        Roman covers the following openings on this DVD: Caro-Kann, Ruy Lopez, Benko Gambit, Tarrasch Defense, Sicilian Defense, Accelerated Dragon, Queen’s Gambit Declined, English Defense, Scotch Gambit, Nimzo-Indian and more!

Volume 2:       Sacrifices, Tactics & Traps that End Games in the Opening.

                        Lesson 6: Ambitious Approach to Critical Opening Positions; Lesson 7: Positional Sacrifice in the Opening, Part 1; Lesson 8: Positional Sacrifice in the Opening, Part 2; Lesson 9: Powerful Tactics in the Opening, Part 1; and Lesson 10: Powerful Tactics in the Opening, Part 2.

                        Roman covers the following openings on this DVD: Caro-Kann, Accelerated Dragon, Queen's Gambit Accepted, English, Advanced French, Scotch Gambit, Gruenfeld, King's Indian Saemisch, King's Indian Four Pawns Attack, Ruy Lopez, Marshall Gambit, Smith-Morra Gambit, Najdorf Sicilian and much more!

Volume 3:       Transition to the Middle Game.

                        Lesson 11: Designing Sicilian Assaults from the Opening; Lesson 12: Building Attacking Positions from the Opening, Part 1; Lesson 13: Building Attacking Positions from the Opening, Part 2; Lesson 14: The Importance of Planning for Pawn Structure in the Opening, Part 1; Lesson 15: The Importance of Planning for Pawn Structure in the Opening, Part 2.

Volume 5:       Rapid and Complete Opening Repertoire for the Tournament Player for White.

                        Opening Lines covered on this DVD: Queens Gambit Accepted & Declined, Queens Indian Defense, Slav Defense, Albin Counter Gambit, Nimzo-Indian Defense, Kings Indian Defense, Grunfled Defense, Dutch Defense (Nc6 & Bf5 lines), and Benko Gambit.  This DVD was designed for the player who does not want to spend a lot of time studying and still achieve good results.

Volume 6:       Rapid and Complete Opening Repertoire for the Tournament Player for Black.

                        Your study time will be cut dramatically as Roman give you the best and most solid responses for Black.  Based on his own games Roman recommends solid active lines to meet e4, d4, c4, and Nf3.  Your study time will be cut dramatically as Roman gives you the best and most solid responses for BLACK.  This video was designed for the player who does not want to spend a lot of time studying and still achieve good results.  For lines against e4 Roman recommends d6, Nf6, and e5.  There is very little theory to remember.  Solid and active positions.  Against the Queens Gambit, Roman recommends the Nimzo-Indian Defense.  Roman also gives you his best lines to meet The English, Trompowski, and Nf3. Recommended lines are safe active lines to get you into a comfortable Middle Game.

Volume 8:       Comprehensive Chess Endings (Part 1).

                        GrandMaster Roman Dzindzichashvili, former two-time US & Russian Champion, and chess coach/trainer for world champions Gary Kasparov & Anatoly Karpov, shows you how to play for a win or draw in a number of types of end games.  Roman recommends that you learn and understand the end game so you will know ahead of time whether it is won, lost or drawn.  These lessons by Roman will help you determine whether you should go into the endgame or avoid it.

                        Lessons in Volume 8: King and Pawn Endings, More King and Pawn Endings, Practical Rook and Pawn Endings, Tactical Rook Endings, Basic Principles of Minor Piece Endings, and Queen and Pawn Endings.

Volume 9:       Comprehensive Chess Endings (Part 2).

                        Lessons in Volume 9: Queen v. King & Pawn, Queen v. Rook, Queen v. Knight & Bishop, Rook v. 2 Pawns, Rook & Pawn v. Bishop & Pawn, Rook & Pawn v. Bishop & Knight, Pawn & Bishop v. 2 Rooks. 

Volume 11:     Greatest Games of Chess ever Played (Part 2).

                        Roman selects and analyzes 7 of the greatest games ever played by the top world-class players. The criteria for selection of these positional and tactical masterpieces was a high level of resistance for both sides and how the game contributed to the history of chess.  Spassky v. Karpov; Smyslov v. Reshevsky; Fischer v. Spassky; Tal v. Portisch; Kasparov v. Topalov; Larsen v. Spassky; Beliavsky v. Kasparov.



Volume 12:     New Improvements in Opening Theory for the Competitive Tournament Player.

                        This DVD is for the ambitious player who never wants to be without an excellent response when meeting some of White’s most solid openings.

                        Openings covered:
Accelerated Dragon
Closed Sicilian with g3
Bogo Indian 6.Nc3
Nimzo Indian 4. a3
Nimzo Indian 4. f3
Nimzo Indian 4. Qc2
Nimzo Indian 4. Bg5 Leningrad
Nimzo Indian 4. e3

Volume 13:     Maximize your Opening Success with Black for the Ambitious Tournament Player Against 1.b4, 1.c4, 1.d4 and 1.f4.

                        Roman recommends his own solid but ambitious lines to confront some of White’s most solid and unsound openings. These lines will allow you get the most out of the opening and achieve a higher success rate.

                        Openings covered:
Blackmar Diemer Gambit
Bird’s Opening
Colle System
English Opening
London System
Orang-Utan (Sokolsky) Opening

Volume 14:     Improve your Combinational Preparation and Tactical Skills (Part 1).

                        With Roman's help, you will have the ability to recognize tactical themes, patterns and combinations, enabling you to use them to win your own games.  Roman will guide you through a variety of different themes, mating nets and opening sacrifices that will materialize out of nowhere.  

                        Featured topics include: Thematic combinations, intuition, pattern recognition, most unusual combinations, combinations in the opening in the Caro-Kann, Dutch and Grunfeld.  Roman's best combinational and tactical game ever.




Volume 15:     Improve your Combinational Preparation and Tactical Skills (Part 2).

                        Featured topics include: Multiple thematic combinations in the Nimzo Indian, Unexpected tactical shots in the Scotch, Thematic counter combinations in the Ruy Lopez, Complex combination in the English, Unusual endgame tactics and combinations and quiet tactical moves.

Volume 16:     Learn to Play the English Opening the Easy Way.

                        Roman will teach you the unique way he plays White’s most solid and easy-to-learn repertoire.  Complex theory and variations are replaced with easy-to-learn plans and strategies that will teach you how to achieve good positions against all of Black’s responses.  The DVD also includes a free PGN game file of games played by Roman with the English Opening, along with a free Bookup Express program to help you analyze and study them.

Volume 17:     Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black.

                        Roman gives you 2 of his secret opening weapons:

                        The New Revolutionary Sicilian:  Roman has beaten the top players in the world with this unknown variation of the Sicilian.  This is a tested powerful line and gives Black an advantage in the opening.  Move order 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6 6.Bg5 g6!!

                        The Scandinavian ...Nf6:  A forgotten opening, solid and a great surprise weapon.  This opening according to Roman is as good as the French, Caro-Kann, and some variations of the Sicilian.

Volume 18:     Blitz as a Tool to Better Chess & Secrets in Beating your Chess Computer Program.

                        There is little information on how to improve your Blitz Chess game.  Roman has had a blitz rating as high as 3450 on the Internet Chess Club and will pass his knowledge on to you on how blitz is played on the highest level.  He recommends ideas and openings to improve your Blitz game which will also help you improve your over the board skills.

                        When it comes to Secrets in beating your Chess Computer Programs, Roman is one of the best grandmasters in the world and has even helped programmers improves flaws in their own programs.  Computer Programs can look at millions of positions a second.  Roman recommends and gives you ideas on how to give your computer positions where there is nothing to calculate.  This will help you level the playing field, since most humans understand weak pieces and closed positions better than computers.  Roman will help you with a plan to exploit these weaknesses.


Volume 19:     Understanding and Dominating your Chess Game with Pawn Structures.

                        Pawn structures are involved in all aspects of your chess game and re the most important part of strategic planning.  Roman will guide you through all the various pawn structures and by understanding pawn structures you will be able to achieve better positions and dominate your chess games.

Volume 20:     Step by Step Essential Maneuvering in Closed Positions.

                        Roman will take you step by step through several highly instructional games by the master of positional maneuvering, the late former world champion Tigran Petrosian.  In order to achieve a higher level in chess it is essential to have maneuvering skills, planning, and the understanding of each position.  Roman will teach you the skills you need to master the art of positional maneuvering in closed positions.

Volume 26:     Nimzowitsch’s My System, Part 1:

This is the first DVD of a two-part DVD set containing a total of approximately 4 hours of instruction based on Nimzowitch’s classic “My System” which is the foundation for modern day progressive thinking.  Roman will help you understand Nimzowitch’s ideas and theories while adding 75 years of improvements, updates, and changes.  Roman will cover both positional and tactical examples, bringing to life one of the most popular -- and instructive -- books ever published.

Volume 27:     Nimzowitsch’s My System, Part 2:

This is the second DVD of a two-part DVD.


Roman’s Encyclopedia of 40 Essential Chess Openings:  4-DVD set, Roman’s Encyclopedia of 40 Essential Chess Openings.  The core ideas and principles of play of 40 openings are presented and explained in almost 11 hours on 4 DVDs.  Roman gives you his preferred lines for white and black, allowing you to play your chosen lines and venture into unfamiliar territory with confidence.

Alekhine Defense (W&B)
Beefeater/Dzindzi Indian Defense (B)
Benko Gambit (W&B)
Benoni (W)
Bird (B)
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit (B)
Blumenfeld Counter Gambit (W)
Bogo-Indian Defense (W&B)
Budapest Defense (W)

Caro-Kann (W&B)
Colle System (W)
Czech Benoni Defense (W)
Dutch Defense (W)
English Defense (W&B)
4 Knights Defense (W&B)
French Defense (W)

Giuoco Piano (W&B)
Gruenfeld Defense (W)
King’s Gambit (B)
King’s Indian Defense (W&B) (Classical, Averbakh, Saemisch, Fianchetto, London System) Latvian Gambit (W)
Nimzo-Indian Defense (W&B)

Petroff Defense (W)
Philidor Defense (W)
Pirc Defense (W)
Queen’s Gambit Accepted (W&B)
Queen’s Gambit Declined (W&B) (Slav Defense, Chigorin's Defense)
Queen's Indian Defense (W&B)
Ruy Lopez (B)
Scotch OPening (B)
Sicilian Defense (W&B) (Accelerated Dragon, Grand Prix Attack, Maroczy Bind)


Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess, Volume 1, about 3 hours, 30 minutes:
How to play the Queen's Gambit (this is also a DVD).

Learn to Play Chess, with Fritz and Chester, Volume 1, ages 8 and up (beginners CD).

Learn to Play Chess, with Fritz and Chester, Volume 2, ages 8 and up (beginners CD).